Thursday, May 29, 2008

Testing testing

Still not sold on whether the coal and the hand painted go together, I've started a test of the cabled cuff, the pick-up-and-knit-off version. I like the cables as cables, I like where the join of the pick up meets the cable band; I think that part works pretty well --nice and even. But I'm not happy with the way hand painted yarn looks in cables. Maybe it's just too much going on at one time for my eyes, it looks messy and muddy to me. Puts me in mind of icky jumbo-sized afghans made of Lion Brand multi acrylic (not that there is anything wrong with Lion Brand). Next I think I'll do a test of the two color idea - straight stitch with a turned cuff and have the colors grade into one another. I'll keep both so I can compare.
One of the things I like about getting older, and this isn't the first time I've said this, is that I no longer think making swatches is evil or lame.
And this little picture is what happens to your pizza crust when you have to wait 55 minutes for a dental appointment.

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