Friday, May 23, 2008

Thinking about spinning . . .

And I think I want to try doing some natural colors again, maybe like this for the fishing shirt (though I seem to get sidetracked by stuff like this) and maybe get something like one of these silk blends for the lining of the neck. (The Mad Crocheter has a great, very self deprecating sense of humor, and is very upfront about loving shiny stuff. (I've wondered aloud if she isn't perhaps a reincarnated crow, and teased that if someone would just come up with a chrome-plated baby, she'd have 18 kids.) I ought to lay off, as apparently my own shiny-meter is taking off. I think all this sunlight and flowers here in the South are messing up my grey/navy/olive/black palette.)
Other updates: I've pulled out the green scarf; I wasn't happy with it so I want to maybe try again rearranging the beads, and am still plugging away at the big blue. I'm probably 10 rows away from being done with body, but a picture of that won't be very interesting. But I did finally manage to take picture of Soryu that actually shows the colors (below). And, we have a Mama Cardinal living in our small tree outside the playroom window. If my husband stands on a stool, he can see in to see eggs (from inside, we try to stay out of her space outside) but I'm too short. Very exciting.

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