Wednesday, May 28, 2008


They say no one wants to know how sausage is made.

Sadly, sometimes one wants to share how they make it. And isn't that what blogs are for?

Here's my first draft of a pattern based on the swatch from the previous post. It's not quite human-readable yet. Knit from cuff to cuff with a big v-neck hole, plan is to go back and add a bottom edge and collar later.


  1. I've never made a sweater side to side. Is it more difficult than cuff to collar or visa versa?

  2. I'm still not convinced about the coal with the hand painted, but thanks for the confidence. :) I think the difference in value might be too great and make the hand painted look washed out.

    I like working side to side, but find it's less flexible in some ways. You need to be good about planning your math or you can be 3/4 done with a project before you go "oh, dang, this isn't going to fit . . ." But overall, some design elements (like vertical stripes) just work best this way (Kaffe Fassett has some wonderful jackets made this way - Ikat and Jack's back are 2 of my favorites) or sometimes just the orientation of the fabric suits the finished product best this way.

    My alternate idea for the two color is to make a band of a cable, use that as a cuff, then pick up the 44 sts from there and begin working the sleeve. I'm currently trying to figure out a good cable that a.) makes me think of water and b.) is 2 inches wide with c.) a fairly short repeat.