Friday, May 9, 2008

My new obsession

Is beads.
(sorry, no pictures, but click the links, you'll have fun, I promise!)
Darn it, I want to learn to knit with them. Maybe it's because it would be so different that working with Amy Rose. (BTW, Amy Rose and I are back on speaking terms, and thanks much to those who offered encouragement. She's a nice gal, just maybe noisier than I like. But I'll find her a nice home. And if you like her finished pictures and want to try her out, I'll custom dye you the yarn and send you my pattern - $100. But I digress . . . )
It's spring and yet I'm thinking up holiday stoles of red (or red) or white or black with hints of flashing beads. Or a gray shawl with a peacock motif of blues/greens and purples.

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