Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playing with beads

So, I started to play with some food coloring dyed silk and merino and beads. I'm using Cheryl Ober's shawl pattern, trimmed down to be a scarf rather than a shawl. I kind of like it, I think, but I'm still not sure I'm placing the beads where they should go for maximum effect. Also, using beads and spaced dyed yarn in a lace pattern may be lily gilding and perhaps I should cut down on one of the elements here for a more successful end product.
But it has a nice hand, even with the beads in; I was worried they'd make it too heavy.
I think I'll get back to Soryu when I'm done working out. Spinning is very relaxing, but I find I have to be in the right place to do it. If I'm inclined to stress out about anything, it gives my brain too much space to roam and I end up all sad and freaked out 2 hours later. And usually my spinning stinks - it gets all lumpy when I'm not calm. Funny thing, that.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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